Friday, 16 August 2013

Awesome Lost Blogs Rise From The Ashes

Around a couple of weeks ago whilst i was going through links on one of my sites I noticed that two of my all time favourite blogs had died.  I was gutted.   Cutiepie of Cutiepies Sexy Spankings and Girls Smacking Boys appeared to have given up the ghost.  She has always been a good friend of mine and so I dropped her a line to just say how sorry i was to see them go.  And it wasn't just empty words by the way.  I really meant what I was saying!

But now Cutiepie is back and so are her blogs!  And though she has lost the databases for the sites they have at least risen from the ashes of the tomb!  And so knowing you would all want to be told when these blogs came back I thought I would just post a note to let yall know :)

Go visit them now boys and girls :)

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  1. Here's another nice one