Sunday, 3 March 2013

A Fresh Look At Clips 4 Sale Fm Spanking Videos

Clips 4 sale stores are popping up everywhere!  It is like a revolution in the adult entertainment market where even major websites like Dark Star Girls and others have chosen to switch completely from running a members site to simply selling individual clips on clips 4 sale.  Others have chosen to run both their major websites AND do clips 4 sale stores.  You may even see them up and running in streaming video theaters like at Domination Theater which is currently in the process of being given a fresh face lift and reorganisation to make it easier to find the Fm spanking videos that you want to see!  But what is the point of these C4S stores?

To answer this question you have to understand that with Strict Women for example providing a huge archive of content for its basic monthly fee of $19.95 and then with weekly updates to expand that archive further you have to wonder why go to a clips 4 sale store at all?  Well for those of you who do not want to hold regular membership of various websites but who love individual sexy women that spank this could well be your heaven :)   In the first instance it allows you to purchase clips for just a buck or two and in the second instance you will find that they are longer and even a higher bit rate.  And longer video means that you get to watch more before the video comes to a close.  This being the main reason so many of you go for the Fm Spanking DVD's or full length digital downloads right?

And with so many new femdom spanking video producers over at clips 4 sale it widens your choice.  Of course with people like Strict Women, they have a lot of experience making top quality sexy Fm spanking video dating back well over a decade!  Consequently their video is likely to be better lit and edited as well as the fact that it is made by true Fm spanking enthusiasts it is always going to hit the mark for you if it is at all possible to do so with the Domme in question!  But the smaller houses there may also be worth taking a look at!   Some may well hit your desires dead on centre!

At the bottom of our right sidebar on this site we have 2 widgets for Clips for sale stores with the very latest updates from Fm spanking sites Strict Women and Institute of Feminine Discipline.   These are in our view the very best of the best.  Be sure to keep your eyes when you visit us on the latest updates.  But in the meantime why not visit these stores now?

Strict Women Clips 4 Sale

Institute of Feminine Discipline Clips 4 Sale.

New clips featuring Miss Amy and Miss Zoe have been published in the Strict Women C4S store today!!!

Here are a couple of pics from the latest update video there :-)

The full video you can now see at the Strict Women Clips 4 Sale Store :)

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