Tuesday, 1 January 2013

Fm Spanking Artist Laurent Cazorla Publishes New Female Domination Video

Happy new year everybody!  Hope you all had a great time last night and are not suffering too many effects from it!  Some of us have sore bottoms this morning from drinking beyond the limit that Miss Acacia set for us so i hope you will all forgive the short note here.   Sitting to type is not that comfy at the moment.  But Miss Acacia says it does me good and so that is it i guess.   I have no say in such things anyway.   Except of course to say yes Miss and thank You Miss.   My new years resolution which She tells me She is going to help me to stick to is to be more obedient.
Anyway, this is a short video from my friend Laurent Cazorla for a picture story at his blog.  It depicts a classic femdom fm spanking story he wrote and illustrated called The Red Castle.   Hope you all like it :)

 Laurent has a new site about to be developed soon where you will be able to see his many femdom spanking stories along with videos like the above.   An exciting little project that you can look forward to for 2013! He has also been hard at work writing new stories and drawing great pics for the Institute of Feminine Discipline!  You should see what Miss Shay looks like as a drawing!  ;-) Be sure to check out Laurent's personal blogs at
And of course dont forget the Institute of Feminine Discipline!

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