Friday, 4 January 2013

The Thin Ice You Tread Before You Find Yourself Over Her Knee And Spanked

Sometimes when you are spanked it comes without warning.   Or rather you think it is without warning.   But the truth is, that 99% of the time and probably every time, there is a lead up.  She may not put you over her knee every time and this may give you a false sense of security.  Like your butt is safe and you can continue to push.   Your behaviour may worsen because you have been pushing the boundaries for some time.  But beneath all of that, the truth is that when you serve a strict woman, there is only so far you can go in misbehaving and disobeying.  

Few would misunderstand the warning signals coming from Miss Amy of Strict Women and Institute of Feminine Discipline below.  You need only look at the warning glare in her eyes or if you can not read that then the slipper she is about to put across your backside should do the trick!  

Of course some of the stricter ladies spank without a second thought.  They will not allow you to get away with a single thing!  But the hardest task Mistress you can serve in my view is the one that slow burns and allows you to slide on many offences.  You can be walking on thin ice for days or even weeks before enough becomes enough and you tread once more over the line She sets you for behaviour!  And you may not even know it!   And because you have been winding her up for days or weeks you are in for the spanking of your life because She is now going to punish you for ALL of it even if She does not list your offences there and then!

But the tension of treading that line of thin ice can be as intoxicating as the spanking itself sometimes :) Not quite knowing where you are about to trip up.   But when you do, just be sure you are able to take the spanking and caning she is going to give you because you can bet your butt that it is going to hurt!!! 

By the way, the image above, which is one of my all time favourites came from one of Miss Amy Hunters best series of movies called Budget Spanking :)   There were 4 of them.  You can see them now at Strict :)  They also have a store up at Strict Women Clips 4 Store :)


  1. (^_^) I like this blog very much... I' m a bad boy and a love to be spanked by a girl.
    I like to be spanked with slippers, flip flops and belts only.
    I love to be spanked like a child.
    Make my ass red!! (^_^)

  2. welcome Frmando :) like my pic there huh? Miss Amy was very strict that day!!! :)