Tuesday, 18 September 2012

Miss Rose Spanks Naughty Boys Bare Ass At Strict Women!

A real sexy lady!  Miss Rose today puts a very naughty young man over her knee and spanks his bare bottom hard with her paddle!  He has been staring at women's bottoms in the street and can not keep his hands to himself!  So Miss Rose parades around the office sexily showing her bottom and when he looks or tries to touch it is pants down for a spanked bottom!  Aversion therapy like this will make him lower his head and avert his eyes at the superior sex when he sees them.

See the video now at Strict Women!   Or see the full video streaming live at Domination Theater or get the DVD at Femdom Spanking Store


  1. Miss Rose has been a long time favorite dom of mine on line. I remember first seeing her in cfnh.net and was attracted to her because of her dominate ways and also she seemed to truely like spanking the male models on the site. I am so glad you started this blog Mike. I have loved your work for some time now.

  2. I can imagine Miss Rose really getting into the idea of CFNM actually! That is just SO like her! She is very similar in personality to Miss Rebekah! And Miss Rebekah gets great pleasure out the guys in those movies! She told me once how in the group masturbation scenes, she likes to whisper in their ears about how they are impudent and cant get it up just to put them off! They are both real FemDom Vixens! Miss Rebekah denies it but it just oozes out of her and she does not even realise it! Same with Miss Rose though she is happy to admit it!