Friday, 21 September 2012

Lifting And Spanking Machine - Shhh...Don't Let The Board of Corrective Women Know This Idea!

Mistress could so easily rest from all the spankings she gives you if they were to release this contraption today!   But just how much would you miss being put over her knees?  It is a dilemma that Miss Acacia of the Board of Corrective Women often speaks of.   Boys are aroused from the spankings that She gives them and She feels they fail to punish unless she spanks them REALLY hard.   So keep this to yourselves.   The last thing we want is for the IFD's and Spanking Centres across the country to begin installing these machines.   Just think of all the sexy women that have been spanking our bottoms that will be put out of work?

For more information on the new age FemDom Matriarchy World visit Institute of Feminine Discipline, Board of Corrective Women and Male Liberation Front

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